Microsystem Idea-to-Innovation (MISquare) Partners



Contact Personnel:

  • Integrated Microsystems Laboratory:
    • Vamsy Chodavarapu, Director
  • Smart Commercialization Center for Microsystems:
    • Matt Apanius, Director –  Phone: (440) 366-4257
    • Kasey Tamosiunas, Business Development –  Phone: (440) 865-0352
    • Website: www.smartmicrosystems.com

Multi Project Wafer (MPW) and Other Services

  • Microsystem Idea to Innovation (MI2, MISquare) Service:  A Multi Project Wafer (MPW) access to several of the world’s top pure-play MEMS foundries available exclusively to industrial customers
  • MPW allows rapid innovation in MEMS with low cost of fabricating prototype and volume quantities by aggregating multiple designs onto one mask set
  • Practical and efficient alternative to using full-custom foundries. MPW allows designers to optimize and test proven and prototype designs, before making substantial investments
  • MPW processes are optimized for both prototype and volume production. This helps to reduce the lead time for MEMS device fabrication to as low as 2 months for certain processes
  • The pure-play foundries in our network are capable of handling process customization for additional cost towards both technology protection and performance enhancement
  •  Our network includes companies to develop custom analog/RF/digital Integrated Circuits (IC) that could be fabricated using various MPW IC  processes
  • We are a one-stop-shop for full microsystem development with a unified quotation and delivery milestones. We can undertake both MEMS and CMOS development. Our services include the full spectrum in microsystem development including conception, design, modeling, fabrication, post-fabrication processing, testing and packaging
  • Our MPW processes offer the following structural layers Silicon, Silicon Carbide, Poly Silicon, Aluminum Nitride, Silicon-on-Insulator, Nickel, Gold, and Low Temperature Co-Fired Ceramics (LTCC)
  • Ready to use proven IP blocks (under license or as OEM) protected by pending/approved US Patents:
    • Silicon and AlN Resonators for Timing (World record holders for the highest reported Q and fQ product)
    • 3-Axis Accelerometer
    • 3-Axis Gyroscope
    • Pressure Sensor
    • Air/Gas Flow Sensor
    • AlN RF bandpass filters (Frequency range: 20MHz – 2GHz)
    • Silicon MEMS bandpass filters (Frequency range: 1MHz – 20MHz)

Our Customers

Frequent Questions About MISquare Service

  • The process design libraries are maintained at the Integrated Microsystems Laboratory (Directed by Vamsy Chodavarapu) at University of Dayton. Our agreement with the foundries restricts the design process to be performed within the premises of University of Dayton
  • Projects undertaken by MI2 Service requires payment of overhead charges calculated as relevant portion of the overall project to University of Dayton (work done at IML and device fabrication cost) and Lorain County Community College (work done at Smart Microsystems)
  • MPW platform is better suited for MEMS that can be developed with standard and semi-custom process. To our knowledge, most MEMS devices developed to date and ubiquitously used can be fabricated with MPW platforms. In rear instances, when a MEMS project requires extensive customization, we recommend working with full-custom MEMS foundries
  • MI2 Service is restricted to industrial customers and government research laboratories to ensure timely project delivery
  • Special considerations could be made for ITAR-restricted projects