IP & Commercialization

Available IP for commercialization:

  • High speed phase fluorometric sensor system (100Hz to 5MHz)
  • High-throughput electrochemical impedance spectroscopy system [US Patent: 8,653,833]
  • Contextual awareness system-in-package with motion, altitude and timing functions:  World’s first single-package system combining our 3-axis accelerometer, 3-axis gyroscope, 3-axis compass, MEMS pressure sensor and MEMS resonator for timing. This system eliminates the need for using multiple chips from InvenSense, SiTime and Bosch Sensortec


OEM available from Partner companies:

  • World’s best MEMS resonators and all-silicon oscillators.  OEM devices available from Nxtsens Microsystems Inc. 
  • World’s best MEMS absolute pressure sensor. OEM devices available from Nxtsens Microsystems Inc. 


Licensed IP:

  • Wearable smart insole:

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  • Optical dissolved oxygen sensor for acoustic sensory telemetry tag:


  • Phase fluorometric oxygen sensor:


  • All-silicon oscillators:


  • MEMS absolute pressure sensor:


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