Leading R&D in Integrated Microsystems

A new model for academic research laboratory that combines:

  • Pursuing pioneering engineering and technology R&D
  • Translation of our R&D into commercial products
  • Providing resources to industries to help with the translation of their ideas into commercial products
  • Training of high skilled engineers, scientists and technicians with industrial relevant knowledge, live industrial experience and advanced knowledge in micro-/nano- scale electronics, fabrication, integration and packaging

Leadership in integrated microsystems technologies:

  • Integrated microsystems deal with the development of technologies which reach beyond the boundaries of conventional defined technologies that process information derived by interaction with people and environment
  • Technologies includes sensors and actuators, MEMS and microfluidics, wearable devices and implants, and on-chip analog, RF, optical and power components
  • A leading laboratory in ultra-clean wafer-level vacuum encapsulation MEMS technologies.
  • Our leadership position is enabled by a network comprising several of the World’s top pure-play MEMS foundries, contract vendors in CMOS and MEMS development, and extensive resources in  design, fabrication, testing, integration and packaging
  • Introducing, Microsystem Idea to Innovation (MI2, MISquare) Service: A Multi Project Wafer (MPW) access to several of the World’s top pure-play MEMS foundries available exclusively to industrial customers